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Zone Control Systems & Service in Elmhurst, IL

Central heating and air conditioning systems are by far the most popular climate control types in the country. They certainly have their good qualities, but they also have a number of big disadvantages. Most central climate control systems have two settings: on and off. This inability to modulate their output between different rooms of a home leads to a lot of wasted energy on areas that don’t need it.

That’s where zone control comes in. Fiebrandt Bros Heating & Cooling, Inc. offers a full range of zone control services throughout Elmhurst, IL and the surrounding area. If you need a zone control system installed, repaired, or replaced, call today to schedule service with one of our expert HVAC technicians.


Zone Control Systems in Elmhurst, IL

So, what is a zone control system, exactly? A zone control system is a number of large dampers, which are installed in the ductwork of a home. Each of these dampers has its own thermostat, which is installed in the nearest room. This splits up the home’s ducts into a number of different zones.

When one of the thermostats detects that it needs heating or air conditioning, it opens the appropriate damper and activates the climate control system. This allows your climate control systems to direct their output only at parts of the home that need it, without affecting the rest of the home.

Zone Control System Installation Service

As mentioned above, the main problem with typical central air climate control systems is that they apply the same amount of output to the entire home at once. Differences in insulation between different rooms in the home make them prone to warm up or cool off at different rates.

If you’re applying the same amount of output across all of the rooms at once, this will create hot and cold spots throughout the house. Empty rooms also receive output under normal circumstances, which is a substantial waste of energy.

A zone control system makes your climate control systems more energy efficient, and your home more comfortable. You can decide exactly how much hot or cool air each room gets, by setting each thermostat to the ideal temperature. This also makes things a lot more comfortable for the various members of your household, as one person’s ideal temperature is often not the same as another’s.

Call Today for Zone Control System Service & Repair in Elmhurst, IL

Installing a zone control system is not an easy thing to do. Some construction work is required to alter the ducts, and great care needs to be taken to make sure that air pressure fluctuations are properly handled across the system. For this reason, you’re going to want to find a professional contractor to handle it for you. We offer a full range of zone control system installation services.

Zone control systems don’t really need maintenance the way that other HVAC systems do. However, it is possible for them to develop problems as they get older. If you have reason to believe that your zone control system is in need of repairs, call us right away for an appointment. The sooner we can repair your zone control system, the better off it will be. Fiebrandt Bros Heating & Cooling, Inc. provides zone control services throughout Elmhurst, IL. Give us a call today to schedule zone control system services in Elmhurst, IL and the surrounding area.