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How Zone Control Can Improve Your AC This Summer

air-conditioner-blowingHopefully, you’ve already gotten your air conditioner professionally inspected and examined this year. If not, you should. Preventive maintenance is an important part of making sure that your air conditioner is in the best possible shape. However, it’s not the only thing that you can do to improve your air conditioning system. If you have a central air conditioning system, consider installing a zone control system before summer starts.

Zone Control

A zone control system is designed to improve the efficiency of the air conditioner by splitting the ducts up into different zones. Dampers, which are like large valves, are installed at specific points throughout the ducts. These dampers open and close to control the amount of air flowing through them. Each zone created by the dampers has its own thermostat installed in it, which controls both the dampers and the climate control system. When a thermostat detects a need for air conditioning, it opens the appropriate damper and activates the climate control system. Zone control ensures that the air conditioner can condition one part of the home without affecting the rest of the zones.

Advantages of Using Zone Control

In order to understand the benefits of zone control, you need to know the disadvantages associated with normal central air conditioning. The typical central air conditioner only has two settings: on and off. The system applies the same amount of output to the entire home, which can cause a number of issues.

First, it’s important to know that not all rooms in the home have the same climate control requirements. Each room is different from the others in terms of insulation, sunlight exposure, air flow, and the like. Applying the same amount of output to each room will create hot and cold spots throughout the house, which are obviously pretty uncomfortable. Nobody likes walking from room to room and experiencing a ten degree difference.

The second problem associated with central air conditioning systems is that they waste a lot of energy on rooms that don’t need it. If there are only two or three rooms occupied in the home, there is no reason to spend output on the other areas of the home that are completely empty. Zone control solves both of these problems.

With zone control, you don’t have to spend any output on rooms that won’t benefit from it. You also can set the ideal temperature for each part of the house, so that you don’t have to be uncomfortable when someone else turns on the air conditioning. Zone control is a great way to upgrade your current air conditioning system without having to replace it entirely. So make sure that you have your system upgraded with zone control before summer arrives.

Fiebrandt Bros Heating & Cooling, Inc. offers a full range of zone control installation services in Chicago, IL. If you need zone control services of any kind, contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert technicians. We’ll make sure that your air conditioner is ready for summer.

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