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Indoor Air Quality Services in Elmhurst, IL

There are a lot of factors that contribute to your health and comfort, one of which is indoor air quality. Despite the substantial effect it can have on a person’s life, many homeowners are completely unaware that their indoor air quality may be poor. The fact of the matter is that if you don’t take steps to ensure the quality of your indoor air, it is likely to degrade over time and could have serious consequences. That’s why Fiebrandt Bros Heating & Cooling, Inc. offers comprehensive indoor air quality services throughout Elmhurst, IL and the surrounding area. If you need indoor air quality services of any kind, call today to set up an appointment with one of our experts.


Why You Need Indoor Air Quality Services

The air in your home may look clean, but it probably isn’t. Millions of microscopic airborne contaminants are present in the average home’s air. Particles of dust, pollen, dander, germs, and mold spores are all typical. Inhaling these contaminants over a prolonged period of time can cause all sorts of health problems, from the flu to asthma. Humidity imbalance is also an issue, with air that is too dry or too humid making it harder to stay healthy and comfortable. These are why you need IAQ services.

Call Us for Indoor Air Quality Services in Elmhurst, IL

Fiebrandt Bros Heating & Cooling, Inc. provides comprehensive indoor air quality services, including:

  • Air Duct Cleaning: Contaminants commonly build up in the air ducts of a home, since they are so rarely cleaned. Then, when a forced air climate control system like an air conditioner or a furnace is used, all of those contaminants are blown throughout the house at once. This makes it far more likely for you to experience negative effects of exposure. Have your air ducts cleaned every so often to rid your home of contaminants.
  • Air Filtration Systems: An air filtration system is designed to capture contaminants in a fiber mesh, which is installed in the ducts. As long as the filter is cleaned every few months, it’s quite effective at ridding a home of airborne contaminants.
  • Air Purifiers: Air purifiers are a wide range of different devices that are designed to improve your indoor air quality in one way or another. Some use ionization to draw contaminants out of the air, while others use ultraviolet light to kill infectious organisms like viruses and bacteria. Talk to a professional about which air purifier would serve you best.
  • Duct Insulation: Ducts are very susceptible to forming leaks, which contributes to a massive energy waste for climate control systems. Duct insulation helps to prevent leaks from occurring, making your climate control systems more energy efficient.
  • Duct Repair and Replacement: Ducts have limited lifespans, just like everything else. When a duct starts to fall apart, you may need to replace part or all of it in order to keep the network functioning. Fiebrandt Bros Heating & Cooling, Inc. offers a full range of duct repair and replacement services.
  • Duct Testing: Before any duct repair or replacement can take place, the problem areas need to be identified. Duct testing allows us to pinpoint areas that are in need of our services.
  • Humidifiers: Air that is too dry can weaken your immune system, and make your home itself more brittle. If your home’s air is chronically dry, you should consider installing a humidifier system to correct it.
  • Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators: If you want to keep fresh air flowing through your home, but you don’t want to compromise your climate control, what do you do? Install a heat or energy recovery ventilator, and you can have fresh air in your home without being uncomfortable in exchange.

Give the HVAC experts at Fiebrandt Bros Heating & Cooling, Inc. a call today to schedule indoor air quality services in Elmhurst, IL and the surrounding area! We’re the trusted choice for installation, repair and maintenance services throughout the Elmhurst area!